Manuscript screening and initial review prior to external refereed review (peer review) is completed by our editorial team, lead by Dr. Tomas Silber, Editor–in–Chief, and Mr. Stowe Teti, Executive Editor. Either may be contacted using the form below.

Dr. Silber and Mr. Teti make use of our subject matter editors as needed (listed in the print version of Pediatric Ethicscope, and to be listed online as web development time permits). Please note that our subject matter editors are utilized when their expertise is required to screen a manuscript and make initial comments to authors; all peer reviews are conducted by reviewers external to the journal management’s home institution. See our For Authors section for further details.

Tomas Jose Silber MD, MaSS


Tomas Jose Silber MD, MaSS, Editor-in-Chief of Pediatric Ethicscope, is Director of the Pediatric Ethics Program at Children’s National Health System, where he leads the Clinical Ethics Consult Service and Chairs the Clinical Ethics Committee. Dr. Silber is the Ethicist at the Children’s National Clinical Translational Science Institute, where he serves on the leadership committee and as the Research Subject Advocate. Dr. Silber is an Adolescent Medicine specialist with over 50 years of experience who has written extensively on pediatric ethics, including work on the American Academy of Pediatrics Bioethics Resident Curriculum. Dr. Silber is a former Chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section of Bioethics, and long-continuing mentor to many in the bioethics community.

Stowe Locke Teti

Executive Editor

Stowe Locke Teti, Executive Editor of Pediatric Ethicscope, has been editor for six years. He is the Clinical Ethics Coordinator at Children’s National Health System, where he works on the Clinical Ethics Consult Service, manages the Ethics Education Program, and recently founded the Washington D.C. Regional Clinical Ethics Consortium, in partnership with MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Prior to completing five years of clinical training at Children’s, Mr. Teti did his graduate work in philosophy and ethics. He is currently developing a REDCap-based consult documentation system for pediatric and adult ethics consult cases, and his recent work on iatrogenesis in pediatrics can be found in the August '17 AMA Journal of Ethics.

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