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Douglas S Diekema

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Education in Ethics: Children’s Mercy Bioethics Center Certificate Program in Pediatric Bioethics

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The ethical issues in pediatrics can vary considerably from those in adult medicine. Thus, ethics education generalized for adult care is not necessarily relevant to the specific issues that arise in pediatric settings. The Children’s Mercy Bioethics Center’s Certificate Program in Pediatric Bioethics is the only program in the world that focuses exclusively on pediatrics.

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Proem Volume 30 Number 2

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An opening thought: sometimes cases in clinical ethics conclude, but leave a thought that remains just out of reach. In the wake of the case, a nagging sense of something meaningful yet elusive, like a broken outline, or a silhouette that can’t quite be brought into focus–remains. We invite you to consider the following. Poem by Robert Frost.

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Pediatric Ethicscope: the Journal of Pediatric Bioethics and Pediatric Ethics transitional care for adolescents

Transitional Care for Adolescents: From Concept to Practice

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Clinicians in the adult system are infrequently prepared to treat the variety of conditions seen in pediatrics, and the few providers who are available to this population struggle to absorb the growing number of older patients with childhood-onset disorders. Patients are frequently ill prepared to take on the responsibilities required to manage their own care; the pediatric system lacks functional processes for teaching patients how to develop these skills.

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