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Conceptual Considerations for Trainees in Asylum Medicine

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In recent years, the unique role of medical professionals in the asylum adjudication process has been thrown into sharp relief as asylum applications surge, with over one million pending cases backlogged in the U.S. asylum system as of August 2019. Medical evaluations dramatically increase the likelihood of an individual obtaining asylum. The author examines the role medical trainees play in this process.

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More Similar Than Different: Discoveries in Medical Culture when Practicing Global Health at Pediatric Hospital in Ethiopia

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Ethiopian physicians, nurses, and midwives routinely encounter cultural challenges created by language barriers, an urban vs rural divide, and differences in education that impact the patient-provider relationship. Despite limitations in personnel and resources, these clinicians have devised approaches to overcome these barriers to best serve their patients.

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Education in Ethics: Children’s Mercy Bioethics Center Certificate Program in Pediatric Bioethics

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The ethical issues in pediatrics can vary considerably from those in adult medicine. Thus, ethics education generalized for adult care is not necessarily relevant to the specific issues that arise in pediatric settings. The Children’s Mercy Bioethics Center’s Certificate Program in Pediatric Bioethics is the only program in the world that focuses exclusively on pediatrics.

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